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iPhone 12 (21)

iPhone 12 Speaker
iPhone 12 Power Flex
iPhone 12 volume flex
iPhone 12 main camera
iPhone 12 camera glass
iPhone 12 simcard holder
iPhone 12 Bluetooth flexcable
iPhone 12 Wi-Fi flexcable
iPhone 12 Taptic Engine
iPhone 12 screenprotector complete
iPhone 12 screenprotector standard
iPhone 12 screenprotector privacy
iPhone 12 battery stickers
iPhone 12 frame sticker
iPhone 12 display and LCD
149,95 109,95
iPhone 12 display and LCD
199,95 114,95
iPhone 12 display and LCD set
59,95 49,95
iPhone 12 Battery incl. Glue Stripes
iPhone 12 Battery incl. Glue Stripes set
iPhone 12 Dock Connector
iPhone 12 front camera
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iPhone 12

High quality iPhone 12 parts

Are you looking for high-quality iPhone 12 parts because you want to carry out the repair yourself? Then view our range and order the parts you need immediately. If you order before 6 p.m. today, the part will be delivered tomorrow!

In our extensive range you will find a lot for carrying out telephone repairs, such as a screen, battery or rear camera. Most parts are made so that you can easily repair them yourself.

Want to repair your iPhone 12 yourself with a manual?

Is your iPhone 12 broken and do you want to get started yourself? Always carry out the repair calmly. You do this using special tools to avoid minor mistakes.

Part Expert offers various parts for your iPhone 12, such as a screen, battery and ear speaker. For the correct procedure, we refer you to manuals that explain step by step how the repair should be carried out.

What if my iPhone 12 repair doesn't work?

Once you have purchased the parts for your iPhone 12, you can always contact Part Expert. One of our repair specialists will immediately help you with the repair. This is usually a good solution and your iPhone 12 will work as usual after the repair.

If the repair really doesn't work, you can send your iPhone 12 to us. Please contact us. One of our specialists will then complete the repair.

Important during repairs with iPhone 12 parts

Always work carefully when repairing your iPhone 12. This means you are less likely to make mistakes when replacing a part. Always combine high-quality parts with a good repair kit for the best possible repair.

That's why you order your iPhone 12 parts from Part Expert

  • Ordered today, delivered tomorrow
  • Free Shipping
  • All parts in stock!
  • High quality parts for your Apple iPhone 12
  • Questions about the parts for your iPhone 12?

Would you like more information about iPhone 12 parts or repairs? Or would you like to know more about one of our other products? Please contact Part Expert immediately. One of our specialists will be happy to help you further.

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