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Apple iPhone XS MAX (15)

Is your iPhone XS MAX broken? Does your iPhone XS MAX have a defect? Now easily repair your iPhone yourself with our high-quality parts for the iPhone XS MAX.
Apple iPhone XS MAX battery incl. gluestripes
iPhone 9D screenprotector
iPhone XS MAX Cover Transparant Shockproof Case
iPhone XS MAX Cover Transparant Case
iPhone screenprotector
iPhone XS MAX frame sticker
iPhone repair toolkit 8 in 1
iPhone repair toolkit 10 in 1
Tri-wing screwdriver
Plastic battery opener
Metal opener
Apple Lightning USB Cable 1M (OEM)
€14,95 €4,95
Apple Lightning OEM USB Cable 1M (Certified) incl. Adapter
€9,95 €7,95
Apple Apple EarPods lightning connector
€24,95 €17,95
Repair mat blue
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Apple iPhone XS MAX

iPhone XS MAX parts of the highest quality

Partexpert.nl has always put the competitive price / quality ratio first. That means that every customer receives the highest quality parts, all of which are extensively tested by our team. In addition, you will receive the highest quality at the best price! Partexpert.nl only supplies parts that do not deteriorate the quality of the iPhone XS MAX.


Partexpert.nl makes it possible for you to repair a broken iPhone XS MAX with our parts. If you can use support, you can always contact our customer service. Our team is always ready for you.

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